Letting Go of Earthly Security

Opening Prayer:

God, I want to restore You to Your rightful place within me where You sit on the throne of my Heart and empower me to stop looking to the things of Earth for security and find my security in You.


Read:  Matthew 19:29–30, NIV

And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life. But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.” (Matthew 19:29–30, NIV)



When reading Scripture, it is helpful to think about the context of the times.  In Jesus’ day family was at the core of a strong society.  There were no government agencies or programs that looked after people.  Family was the social safety net.  Jesus then is really saying that anyone who obeys a call from God to work for the advancement of God’s kingdom on Earth, and who in so doing leaves behind the normal means of earthly security, will be rewarded in the spiritual realm .  Jesus promises that these people will be greatly rewarded in Heaven.

This, like yesterday’s devotion, challenges us to look at life from God’s perspective.  We should value our relationship with God above all else.  If we are afforded an opportunity to partner with Him in the mission field, how can we say no?  Just before this passage, the rich, young ruler had done just that.  He went away sad because he had great wealth and was unwilling to sell his possessions, give the proceeds to the poor and follow Jesus. 

However, most of us will live our whole life and never get a call to the mission field.  We can easily think that this means that God does not need us as workers in His kingdom.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In the course of our lives we will be regularly given opportunities to set aside our endeavors to create a secure and prosperous life in order to meet the needs of others.  It might be a child who needs extra effort and cost in order to overcome medical difficulties.  It might be a parent who needs care in their old age.  Maybe we have a sibling in some kind of trouble who needs help.  Maybe our church needs someone to fill a position that we are qualified to fill.  In these cases, we will be doing God’s work, if we reorder our lives and meet these needs with loving hearts and along the way speak words of love and mercy.  Often in life real heroes go unnoticed because they give up their lives a teaspoon full at a time in the day to day grind of “small” ministries.  Let me assure you that for God, these are not “small” things at all.  These efforts measure large in the kingdom.

The economy of Heaven does not work like that of Earth.  In Heaven the streets are paved with gold because gold is not valuable there.  It is like asphalt here.  In Heaven, eternal spirits are infinitely valuable and anyone who helped God in His quest to rescue people from eternal death to eternal life will be first ahead of anyone who instead collected materials for road construction.



Make an effort to notice people with needs that you might be able to meet.  When a Christian comes to the aid of an unbeliever there can be an opportunity to witness about the loving God that directs your life.  If you meet the needs of a believer, you can strengthen their faith.


Closing Prayer: 

God open my eyes and help me to see the ways in which You want me to help bring Your kingdom to Earth.

Terry Schneider