The Mission: Week 2 - Day 2


Father, I pray you will go before me today. You already know what lies ahead. Prepare me to meet each turn with the love and patience you have given me. Help me live in a way that makes the people around me curious. May my actions today reflect my faith in you. Amen.


READ: I Peter 3:15-16a (NLT)

 “You must worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it. But do it in a gentle and respectful way.”



 The instructions in today’s scripture follow comments by Peter about the difficulties and trials his audience is experiencing.  In verses 9-11, he mentions evil and insults which have been inflicted on believers. He urges them to resist repaying with the same kind of treatment they have received. Instead, Peter calls them to pay back with a blessing, return kindness for cursing.

 He recognizes the return of blessing for harm will raise questions in those who oppose Christ followers. So, he instructs the church to engage in the same gentle and respectful manner when they are asked about their motivation – their hope. A tenderhearted and humble attitude is necessary for people to understand our motivation to love and bless.



 How we handle the trials and resistance we experience in life will raise questions for those who are watching us. When they want to know about our hope, we, too, need to be ready with gentle, respectful answers. Consider and be prepared to answer insults and ill-treatment with a response that forces people to ask why. Then, in a gentle and respectful way, tell them about Jesus.



 Father God, give me words that will glorify you and reveal the hope that is available through your Son Jesus Christ. Be Lord of my words and actions. Whatever challenge I face today, let me respond in a way that draws others to Jesus and his grace. Amen.

Terry Schneider