Whatever it takes…

Opening Prayer: 

Heavenly Father, make me a purpose-filled follower of Jesus Christ today. Help me to put my petty issues and distractions aside, allowing me to focus squarely on sharing the Love of Jesus Christ with others…no matter how difficult that may be.  


Read: Mark 2:4, NIV

4 "Since they could not get him to Jesus because of the crowd, they made an opening in the roof above Jesus and, after digging through it, lowered the mat the paralyzed man was lying on.”



Many images come to mind when someone says, “going to extremes.” You might think about sitting on a roof for 24 hours to raise money for a good cause. Maybe the image of the song, “tie a yellow ribbon round the ole oak tree” when the whole bus is cheering because of the 100 yellow ribbons tied around the tree! You might remember the recent plight of the Taiwanese boys’ soccer team caught in the cave, sealed off by water. We remember feeling helpless. How their parents must have agonized! Many of us even prayed…Lord, do something! Send someone to help! He did. Within a few days, a group of trained Navy Seals assembled near this cave and undertook one of the most daring rescues in history! We can remember being glued to the television as a few boys at a time were brought out of the cave. Ironically, they too were brought out lying flat on a stretcher, much like the paralytic man who was carried in our verse today. The Navy Seals rescuing the boys had one mission, again, it was much like the four men in our story who were going to get this paralyzed man in front of Jesus!

The four men had to create a hole to get this man through the roof! You wonder if the idea occurred to them all at the same time. Could one of them have had the idea and then they all quickly agreed? There is no way to be sure, but we do know this, “they lowered the mat the paralyzed man was lying on” through the roof to get him to Jesus! You see, these four men, much like the Navy Seals who rescued the Taiwanese boys, did not stop and think about possible consequences. They didn’t say to themselves, “oh, we can’t do this.” “we will never be successful.” They simply acted and created the opportunity for a life changing moment for this paralytic man! What if they hadn’t of grabbed the mat and lowered him through the roof? What if the Navy Seals had not staged the daring rescue of the boys’ soccer team? God may have had a backup plan, but throughout history, God is looking for people who want to be used for His purposes…are you ready to do whatever it takes?



God is always looking for those who are willing to be used to help build His kingdom. Today, may the Holy Spirit speak to you personally about that very thing you have long-pondered about doing. You have been a bit nervous or perhaps shy about stepping out to do it. There has been fear of failure or embarrassment nagging at you keeping you from taking action. What if you had a loved one in harm’s way? Wouldn’t you want somebody to do something about saving or helping them…whatever it takes?


Closing Prayer: 

God, use me on your Holy rescue team to be one who can be counted on to build your kingdom and answer your call. Make us obedient believers and remind us of the price you paid to “save us”, which was the death of your own Son. Thank you for loving me and the whole world.

Terry Schneider