Me to We - Part 2

Opening Prayer

Lord, open my eyes to see You and my ears to hear You today.  Thank you for leading us into all truth.


Read: Mark 4:33-34  

With many similar parables Jesus spoke the word to them, as much as they could understand.  He did not say anything to them without using a parable.  But when He was alone with His own disciples, He explained everything.



Jesus loved all people but He devoted himself to twelve men on whom He would confer the task of taking His story to the world.  He “did life” with these twelve men, walking with them day by day.  They ate together, worked together, faced dangers together and experienced miracles together.

They grew close and when He was alone with them He was at ease.  He was with His chosen few.  They were “His own disciples”.  His peeps.  He was relaxed and in His element, and as He poured Himself into them with reckless abandon - “He explained everything”.

He modeled for us the value of being close to a small group of Christians: trust, closeness, learning together, service to others, time together, pouring into each other.  

This may be foreign to you.  For some it may be hard to see yourself living at this level of closeness with other believers.  That doesn’t mean you are strange, but Jesus has redeemed us and is remaking us and He desires us to walk together.  As you grow and walk with Jesus, He will give you a desire for connection.  It’s not another task to add to your list of Christian “to do’s”.  When Jesus moves in you, your heart changes and you follow the desires He gives you out of love and with joy.



God intends us for fellowship. We need and want to walk close with other believers both to give and receive encouragement, instruction, share joys and sorrows and serve others together.

Are you walking out your faith alone?  If so, you’re not enjoying all you’re made for.  Consider the ways of Jesus who wants to walk it out in you, with you and through you.  

If anyone could have walked His faith alone Jesus is the One, but He chose to walk close with a small group of men.  Don’t miss this blessing, and don’t cause others to miss the blessings that your life will bring to them.


Closing Prayer

Move in my heart to desire the things that You desire.  Your heart is for Your people that You created.  Make that my heart too.

Terry Schneider