Some Assembly Required: Week 4 Part 4


Lord, I know the world around me is watching to see if I really believe what I say I believe.  They wait to see if I will do more than just talk about my faith in you. Help me live and love today in ways that will bring attention and glory to you. Amen.


READ:  John 13:35

Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples. REFLECT:

In 2011, according to the Baptist Press report, saying you believe something or merely belonging to a church does little for marriage. But the more you are involved in the actual practice of your faith in real ways – actively being part of a serious body of believers, learning regularly from Scripture, being in communion with God through prayer individually and with your spouse and children, and having friends and family around you who challenge you to take your marriage seriously -- the greater difference it will make in strengthening both the quality and longevity of your marriage.

The words of Jesus affirm the old adage – actions speak louder than words. How you interact with your kids at the little league game says a lot about who you are and what is important to you. Your choice of words and tone of voice is very telling. Is it winning at all cost or developing character that will prepare your child for his or her future?  Affirming your spouse rather than putting them down when you are around other people reveals much about what goes on behind the scene in your home.

A loving marriage relationship is a good . . . no . . . very good thing. We enjoy the satisfaction of an intimate and meaningful relationship not possible in any other way. We are healthier and live longer. We are a beacon of hope to the world as they observe our love that looks so different from what they see in the rest of the world.  But most importantly, how we love one another gives testimony to whom we belong – it reveals our alliance with the greatest lover of them all – Jesus Christ.



Marriages that succeed in the command of John 13:35 will be a witness to others that God is as real as our love for our spouse.



Father God, help me value my marriage the way you value marriage.  Help me speak and act in ways that affirm my relationship with you and give weight to my life as a Christian wife or husband. May you be glorified by the practice of love seen in my home. Amen.

Terry Schneider