You Can Lead Well - Day 1

Opening Prayer

Dear Father, may your Word shine light on how we are to lead. It’s all for you. Amen


Read: Titus 1:5

“This is why I left you in Crete, so that you might put what remained into order, and appoint elders in every town as I directed you…” (English Standard Version)



Looking back at what we know about the apostle Paul’s background (when he was Saul), and the transformation that had taken place in his life because of the Lord Jesus, it’s easy to see what a privilege it was for Titus to be mentored by him. Those are some big leadership shoes to fill. Yet Paul poured out to Titus in this book, coaching him and giving him all the tools and instructions he’d need to move forward.

In this “can do” society in which we live, for many, making their own way and blazing their own trails is their sole focus. They forget the wisdom and experience from others who have gone before them. Paul knew the value of pouring out his leadership and solid advice to Titus who would then be prepared to carry on the work God had begun, training and teaching the generation after him.



If you want to lead well, seek out a mentor…someone who has been on the road of following Christ longer than you. Learn from them, run things by them, and soak in their wisdom. You may already feel like you have strong leadership skills, but we can each still learn things to make us even more productive and useful in the Kingdom. Then look for ways in which you can turn around and pay that forward to someone younger than you…like Paul did with Titus. Walk alongside someone younger and with less experience in being a Christian leader…show them by your actions and words what that looks like.


Closing Prayer:

Lord, I thank you for the opportunities you send for me to lead, in big and small ways. Help me to be a strong team member, doing my part in building your Kingdom, and help me to look for ways to continue to grow and to bring up people younger than me who will be future leaders. It’s all for you, God. Amen.

Terry Schneider