You Can Work Well - Day 2


Lord, give me energy and stamina for the work that lies ahead of me today.  Help me be aware that in all I do, whether at a business, in the home, or at school, everything I do makes an impression on those around me. May my efforts bring honor and glory to you.  Amen.


READ: Titus 2:11

“For the grace of God has been revealed bringing salvation to all people.” (English Standard Version)



Companies spend millions of dollars a year and Human Resource professionals attend thousands of hours of training all to get the answer to the business world’s burning question – how to motivate employees to give their best effort on the job.

They tackle this issue from all directions from the work environment to company ethics. Google how to motivate your workforce and all kinds of things pop up on the list – Be generous with praise and recognition; Never criticize or complain to an employee; Let them work independently; Take them to lunch once a week; Be honest and transparent about how the company is doing both good and bad. No one has a clear and definitive answer. But Paul offers a powerful motivation for those who follow Christ to do their very best work every day no matter what. You can find this motive right in the middle of today’s scripture – salvation.



We who enjoy the blessing of salvation are called to live out this revelation everywhere we go – including our workplace.



Father God, I want to be mindful of your desire that my life would be a testament of the salvation you want everyone to receive. Help be a respectful and trustworthy person especially in my work. May I live in such a way that it draws people to Christ rather than push them away. Amen.

Terry Schneider