Unfinished Life: Week 1 - Day 5


Father, you know the challenges I face today. Help me turn to you rather than taking matters into my own hands. I want to make trusting you my first choice, not my last.  Amen.


READ:  I Samuel 17:47 (NLT)

 “And everyone here will know that the Lord rescues his people, but not with sword or spear. This is the Lord’s battle and he will give you to us.”



 Marjorie and her husband, like many of us, failed to read the fine print. They hadn’t been in the United States very long when they paid a large security deposit and agreed to the terms for renting a house for their family to live in. After a couple of year, they realized it would be possible for them to purchase a house of their own. When they gave notice, the landlord informed them they would need to pay him

$10,000 that he would use to offset the monthly rent until he found another tenant – terms they failed to notice in the fine print.

 Marjorie’s husband was very upset and began talking about taking action against the landlord. Marjorie said to him, “No.  We are believers in God and we will ask the Lord to fight our battle. We will pray. We will not fight for ourselves.”  That very week a new tenant for the house was found and Marjorie and her husband did not have to pay the landlord a single dollar. Marjorie and her family now know without a doubt that God will rescue his people. He will fight the battle for them.  And her testimony about her great God is powerful.



 Even for believers, taking matters into our own hands is often our first instinct. Whether it is circumstances like Marjorie and her husband faced or challenges at work, in our family or with our neighbors, God stands ready to help us with our struggles if we will submit matters to him.  Paul closed his letter to the church at Ephesus urging them to: “Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.”  If Paul were to speak to us today, he would tell us to give our struggles to the Lord and trust him for the ultimate victory.



 Lord, thank you for caring about your children and being our mighty warrior Savior.  Forgive me for doing things in my own strength rather than turning things over to you. Your word tells me over and over that part of becoming a mature believer is trusting you. That is the desire of my heart. Help me make trusting you my first response to trials and temptations. Amen.

Terry Schneider