Unfinished Life: Week 3 - Day 2

Opening Prayer

Lord, let me hear your voice today in all the many ways that you speak.  Teach me to yield to you in the work you are doing in my life.  Thank you that you are working every day in both obvious and hidden ways to bring me to maturity in Christ.


Read Ephesians 2:10 (NIV)

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”



I work in human resources.  Whenever we hire a new employee, I insist that certain things be done before they arrive.  Their desk needs to be stocked with supplies and their email needs to be set up and ready.  Any computer systems they need to access are installed on their computer and logins and passwords are ready.  A plan must be in place for their training and their duties need to be waiting for them to perform.  In short, I insist we are prepared for them to come make a contribution.

 I want their first day on the job to be a very welcoming experience.  I want them to know that we have been thinking about them and preparing for their arrival.  I want them to feel that they are valuable to us.

 In that light, this scripture astounds me.  I am God’s handiwork.  He made me.  When I think of the word “handiwork” I don’t think about someone throwing something together sloppily.  I think about a skilled craftsman who has put his finishing touches on a masterpiece that he couldn’t be more proud of.  Not only am I God’s handiwork, he created me for a purpose, to do good works.

 Beyond that, he prepared specific good works for me before I ever existed.  These good works are not chores that he’s assigned me to do so I can please him.  These works are part of his gift to me to bless me, to allow me to reflect the value he has created in me, to allow me the opportunity to be a contributor in his kingdom and to bless me with the opportunity to give of myself.



Do you ever feel lost and without purpose?  Do you feel that you don’t have value?  Look to your creator.  You are his handiwork.  You have immense value to him.  He wants to show you what he has prepared for you…and it’s beautiful.  Seek him out.  Pray to him and ask him to reveal what he has prepared for you.  Then listen for his voice.  Then act on what he says.


Closing prayer

Jesus, thank you that we were created in you to do good works.  Thank you that we are so valuable to the father that he prepared good works for us before we even existed.  Thank you for allowing us to work with you and for the blessing of being in your service.


Terry Schneider