Unfinished Life: Week 3 - Day 4

Opening prayer

Lord, let me hear your voice today in all the many ways that you speak.  Teach me how to live in your presence.  Show me your heart for those around me and let me reflect your love to them.


Read Acts 4:13 (NIV)

“When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.”



Brother Lawrence was born in 1611 in France.  His parents were poor and so, when he was of age, he joined the army so he would be assured of food to eat, a place to sleep and a little money.  After being injured in battle, he left the army and became a footman for the treasurer of the King of France.  Later, in 1642, he entered the monastery and lived the rest of his life as a monk performing simple acts of service for God.

 He served by either preparing food or cleaning dishes in the monastery kitchen or by repairing sandals for the other monks until his death in 1691.  Hardly a path to notoriety.

 Yet Brother Lawrence is known to this day for the intimacy with which he walked out his faith in God.  He determined early on to live each moment of his life in the presence of God.  His life was an ongoing conversation with God and, when duties required the presence of his mind, he quickly returned his thoughts to God when his tasks were complete.

 Brother Lawrence did not make any distinction between his assigned times of prayer and his time performing tasks.  All were done in God’s presence.  In fact Brother Lawrence felt a greater connection with God doing his daily duties in God’s presence than when he “retired for prayer”.

 Later in his life men sought him out to learn from him and to understand his wisdom.  He was an unschooled ordinary man but people took note that he had been with Jesus.



Have you considered the possibility of spending all of your day, not just a scheduled time, in God’s presence?  Can you drive to work with him?  Can you perform your work in his presence and out of your love for him?  Can you have dinner with your family in God’s presence, always listening for his voice?

 I find that my best times with God are in my vehicle alone.  My thoughts go to him and I wrestle with my doubts and fears, my confusion and my pain.  I believe he’s with me.  Sometimes I hear his still small voice. 

 Don’t limit your time with God to a slot on your schedule.  Walk out your days with him.  He will walk with you and draw you toward him.  He will speak wisdom to you as you listen for his voice.  People will know that you have been with Jesus.


Closing prayer

Lord, teach us to live in your presence at all times and in everything we do.  Help us to understand how near you are to us at all times.  Allow us to sense your presence and to hear your still small voice speaking to us.

Terry Schneider