Detox: Week 1 - Unwillingness - Day 1

Opening Prayer:

Lord, be with us today as we tackle our fears, whether they be large or small.


Read: Jonah 1:16 (NIV)

“At this the men greatly feared the Lord, and they offered a sacrifice to the Lord and made vows to him.”


We all know the story of Jonah who was spit out by a gigantic fish.  Probably a baleen whale that really didn’t want to eat Jonah since he wasn’t krill.  But the first chapter in Jonah is about Jonah being afraid.  God sent him to Nineveh (a horrible city) to preach about the wickedness of the city.  Well, Jonah got scared and decided he would run away.  Really, a man of God thought he could run away!  The most important aspect of this story is he went on a boat, told the men he was running from God and went to sleep.  How many times have you not wanted to face something hard and sleep was your escape?  Depression is real and I am sure Jonah was discouraged and depressed.  The best part of the passage is when they threw him overboard!  First off, they had to believe that Jonah was a man of God and that he was really running away from him.  Secondly, these were experienced sailors and the storm must have been a treacherous one in order to sacrifice a man!  Hold on, the pinnacle is they were afraid of the Lord after the storm ceased.  So many times we don’t want to face what is about to happen, but we do.  Being obedient is all God wants. Take that first step and allow God to be in control in your life.  God will walk with us through every trial, hill and dark valley. He can make the storm stop in his time if you let him.


Today, write out your fears and why you are afraid.  Talk to the Lord and lay them at his feet today, I promise you will feel better.

Closing Prayer: 

Lord, we know you do not want us to be afraid.  Let us feel your presence today.  Thank you for taking care of us and making us bold.


Terry Schneider