Detox: Week 1 - Unwillingness - Day 4

Opening Prayer: 

Lord, we are fearful of the unknown, we need you. 


Read: Isaiah 41:10 (NIV)

“Redeemer, hear our cry as we are afraid and need you to calm our fears.”



I will never forget the day I headed out for high school.  It was scary for me as a 9th grader, although I would not have admitted it then. They had changed the school boundaries and less than 100 kids from my junior high were going to a new school with over 500 kids in just the 9th grade. Most of the other kids grew up together from elementary to junior high. I did not know what to expect. Both those who grew up together and new students were a bit of afraid of moving to high school due to what we had heard and the simple fact that we did not know each other. How should we act and will we get along?  Well, that did not happen automatically.  It took time to get to know each and we had some conflicts along the way.  The Lord reminds us that he is with us through it all; good times, unsure times, even in times of conflict.  He reminds us that we are chosen by him.  As we sit and listen to the media today, it seems to be a very violent world.  This is not something we have any control over, just as changing schools was when I was just 14 years old.  This passage in Isaiah was meant for the exiled Jews, a little how I felt being moved to another high school and removed from most of my friends.  God literally has the power to work in every situation we are in and he will help us to fight many battles against the darkness of the world. We know we will suffer and God will comfort us when we need him most.  Call out to him and he will hear your call.


Pay attention and keep a list of the times God has shown up this week.  Even in the small stuff, like finding your keys, or getting to work on time even though you left late.

Closing Prayer: 

Thank you, Lord, for letting us see what will happen when we put you in control of our lives. Let us always call out to you first before FEAR.

Terry Schneider