Detox: Week 2 - Guilt - Day 5

Opening Prayer:

Lord, help me honestly evaluate my life as I apply this Scripture,

Read: Luke 9:62 (NIV)

 “Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.””



I grew up on a farm and heard my Dad say similar words many times when he turned me lose with the tractor and plow.  As long as I kept my focus on where I was supposed to end up, I could plow a pretty straight furrow.  The minute I took my eye off the end and started looking back I wandered all over the place.  One time when I was cultivating, I took my eye off the row and ruined several feet of soy bean plants.  My father was not happy.

Jesus is telling us that If we are going to successfully serve him in God’s kingdom, we must keep our focus on him.

When I was a junior in college, my goal in life was to finish college and go to seminary so I could work in Christian education.  My senior year I started working Sundays and was not able to go to church.  I took my eye off my goal and wandered away from my Christian walk.  It was several years later that God brought my wife into my life and she and her family influenced me to get my focus back on track.  As a result, I have had several opportunities to serve him over the years.

I won’t say that I haven’t taken my eyes off him more times than I would like to admit throughout my life.  The clutter of life does that.  When I am distracted by life’s clutter, my life begins to wander and I may even make a mess for myself. I need other Christians around me who will hold me accountable to keep me focused on God.


Examine your life this week.  What things cause you to look back and take your focus off the kingdom of God?  Keeping your eyes on the target is not something you can do on your own.  First, you need to stay in the Word and maintain your prayer/devotional life.  Second, find an accountability group that will honestly hold your feet to the fire so you won’t stray off the path.

Closing Prayer:

God, bring people into my life who will help keep me looking toward your kingdom. In his name, amen.


Terry Schneider