Jesus Is: Week 1 - "The Coming King"

Opening Prayer:

Jesus, we thank you that you established your rightful rule of the earth motivated by love. Help me find peace knowing that you have ultimate authority over the affairs of the world and you desire justice and righteousness.


Read: Isaiah 16:5

“In love a throne will be established; in faithfulness a man will sit on it-- one from the house of David-- one who in judging seeks justice and speeds the cause of righteousness.”



Once again Isaiah gives clues about the coming Messiah telling us that this person would be a descendant of David. Surrounding this clue about the identity of Jesus are descriptions of what this person would accomplish. Isaiah says that this man will sit on a throne out of love. Because of the love and faithfulness of this individual, he would use this throne to seek justice and speed the cause of righteousness. What a contrast to our current state of affairs where those enthroned or given power over others are just as likely to perpetuate injustice and unrighteousness. Isaiah, just like us, looked forward to a time when a king would rule the world rightly. Since the coming of Jesus to usher in his kingdom, people all over the world have bowed down before King Jesus and dedicated their lives to his cause. 



It should bring great hope knowing that the King of all Kings is a righteous, faithful and just ruler. The recognition that Jesus has been enthroned and is the rightful ruler of the universe ought to challenge our ideas of where we fit in this big picture. If Jesus is the rightful king, do I pay him the respect he is due? Do I respect his authority, or do I live by the dictates of my own will? Give thought to those areas of your life that do not acknowledge the kingship of Jesus and work to bring those in line with the reality that we are his servants. Never forget that this king rules in love and faithfulness and his agenda for the world is justice and righteousness. We don’t serve an ordinary king.


 Closing Prayer:

God, we thank you that you planned in advance to send your son Jesus. We thank you that his coming was motivated by love for us and a desire to establish a world that aligned with his character. A just and righteous world.

Terry Schneider