Detox: Week 4 - Day 3


Lord, you offer your children opportunity and blessing each and every day. Give me a spirit that welcomes and receives all you have in store for me today. Amen.


READ: Luke 6:20

 “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.”


Many years ago, I heard about a tribe in Africa whose economy was largely based on the monkeys that

lived in the area. In order to trap the monkeys, hunters would clear an area in the jungle and stake clay jars with narrow necks just wide enough for the animals to put their open paws into but too narrow to pull them out if their paws were clenched.  Once the pots were in place, a small rubber ball was dropped into each vessel. Then the hunters withdrew into the cover of the trees and waited.

 Monkeys are naturally curious animals, so it wasn’t long until they came to check out the pots. As they examined them, they discovered that something was in the pots and stuck their arms in to see what it was. When they closed their paws around the ball, they couldn’t pull them out without letting go of the ball.  Once several monkeys had their hands on the balls, the hunters came out with their clubs and cages. All the monkeys had to do to run to freedom was let go of the ball. Just as their curiosity lead them into their situation, their determination to hang on to what they had kept them from escaping.



 Disclaimer: I have no idea if this story is accurate but it serves to prove a point. It illustrates Jesus’ teaching about the blessing of living a life with open hands…open hands that are ready to both receive and release rather than clenched tight.



 Father God, help me recognize when I am hanging on to a ten-cent rubber ball rather than opening my spirit to receive the immeasurable blessings you are waiting to give me.  Amen.

Terry Schneider