Plot Twist: Week 1 - Day 4

Opening Prayer:

Jesus, thank you for your constant presence. Thank you that you are with me always and that you hear me when I seek you. Guide me in wisdom as I draw closer to you today.

Read: Luke 8:8

“Still other seed fell on good soil. It came up and yielded a crop, a hundred times more than was sown.” When he said this, he called out, “He who has ears to hear let him hear?”


When discussing the fourth type of soil, Jesus is describing when the Word of God is heard and sinks deep down into our hearts. The soil is rich and full of nutrients. It has been well tended and taken care of. The farmer has lovingly cultivated this soil. It has not been neglected or forgotten.

Let’s focus on the second part of this verse. Jesus calls, “He who has ears to hear let him hear.” What might Jesus be saying here? I was recently listening to a podcast by The Bible Project. This podcast was discussing a Hebrew word, “Shema”. In Hebrew, “Shema” means to hear or listen. The Bible Project went on to discuss that in Hebrew the meaning of “Shema” is multilayered. “Shema” means not only the physical act of hearing, it also means to pay attention to what you are hearing and to act. If the listener doesn’t pay attention and act, then they didn’t “Shema”. This is what Jesus is calling us to do at the end of this verse. He has discussed four different types of soil, illustrating how the Word of God might affect or change someone’s life. Jesus is calling us not only to hear him, but to act. He is calling us to “Shema”.

Have you heard the Word of God and let it change you? Have you let the love of God that permeates through his Word sink down into your heart and nurture you? God wants to bring about life change in us and through us. Only when we let God’s love and his teaching change our hearts and actions will we have good soil that produces this change.


Let today be a call to not just hear the Word but to let it change your life. Write the word “Shema” down on an index card and keep it in a place that you will see often. Let this remind you, as you read your Bible or hear a sermon or teaching, that God is calling you to change and to act. God wants us to grow in our faith and continue to move forward every day.

Closing Prayer:

Father, you have called me not just to hear you but to let your words change my heart and actions. Help me to be reminded of this as I go forward today. As you continue to nurture my faith, I will produce good fruit. Thank you for your love and care.

Terry Schneider