Plot Twist: Week 1 - Day 5

Opening Prayer:

Jesus, thank you for the opportunity to show your love to others today. Please place those in my path that I can encourage and help today. I want others to see your love in me.

Read: Luke 8:10

He said, “The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others I speak in parables, so that,

“ ‘though seeing, they may not see; though hearing, they may not understand.’ “


Here, Jesus is quoting from the book of Isaiah. He is referring to a passage in Isaiah 6 where God is giving Isaiah his commission. Isaiah has told God, “Here am I. Send me.” God then sends Isaiah to a people that would hear him but not believe. Enduring Word Bible Commentary states that “By quoting this passage from Isaiah 6:9, Jesus explained that his parables were not illustrations making difficult things clear to all who hears. They were a way of presenting God’s message so those who were spiritually sensitive could understand, but the hardened would merely hear a story without heaping up additional condemnation for rejecting God’s word.”

There will be many people in your life that cannot see or understand the truth that Jesus presents. It is our job to live in a way so that others can know the One who provides the seed of life. Jesus is calling us to be disciples. There is a quote by the pastor Francis Chan that I love. He says, “True discipleship involves deep relationships. Jesus didn’t simply lead a weekly Bible study, He lived life with his disciples and taught through actions as well as words.” Are our actions and words drawing others closer to Jesus or pushing them away? Are we taking the time to get to know those around us? Working to cultivate deep relationships with those in your circle of influence will open the door for you to have meaningful conversations about God’s love and purpose for our life. Most people will not be open to these types of discussions if you are not able to meet them where they are.


Think about those people you know that could use a friend. Don’t just ask someone how they are doing this week; really stop and listen to what is happening in their life. Through these types of intentional conversations, you will be able to show God’s love.

Closing Prayer:

God, place on my heart those in my life that I need to grow closer to. Give me tenacity as I work at deepening these relationships. Help me to step out of my comfort zone to show others the love of Christ.

Terry Schneider