Plot Twist: Week 2 - Day 1

Opening Prayer:

Oh Lord, we look to you as you spread the light to all those that are in the darkness.


Read: Luke 8:16

 “No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light.


Sit back and imagine, biblical times…. you were awakened by the sun as it rose in the East.  When the sun was setting, you began to hurry to light the lamps, so you could finish dinner perhaps in the winter months.  The lamps were made of a type of pottery and filled with an oil, olive oil probably and a thick linen wick…and if you were rich you would allow the lamp to burn throughout the night.  The neat science behind olive oil is that it burns clean.  It’s pure, but has a high flash point, thus the thick wick.  Remember the childhood song, “This little light of mine”, in the song it states “hide it under a bushel, No!”.  Well, before the last person went to sleep, the lamp which was possibly on a lamp stand, would be covered with a bushel. We do not want the darkness of the world to hide our light!  We no longer need to have the lamp and the lamp stand, but God is the light of the world and it must radiate through us.



As you begin to think about this verse, meditate on how you could let your light shine for God.  Today, look for ways to be different, to not be that ugly person God doesn’t want you to be, but to be more like him, shining in the dark.  Different, not like the world in any way.  Be the person that holds the door, or the guy that says, “Thank you” and not the person in your car who doesn’t’ like the other drivers.  Radiate in the grocery store, the car wash, and at work today.

Closing Prayer: 

Lord Jesus, let an opportunity arise today that I will be able to really let my light shine for you.  Let them know I am different…I belong to the Light.

Terry Schneider