Leadership is serving others like Jesus – Day 2

Opening Prayer:

Lord Jesus, thank you for your amazing love and your word that is a road map for life. Help me live every day in a way that will bring glory and honor to you. Amen.

Read: John 13:5 (NIV)

“After that, he poured water into a basin and begin to wash his disciples’ feet, drying them with the towel that was wrapped around him.”



How would you describe leadership?  In this verse of John's gospel we see a clear picture of Jesus teaching an important leadership lesson to his disciples on the last night of his life. Washing their feet.  Jesus was the model servant, and he showed his servant attitude to his disciples. Washing guest’s feet was a job for a household servant to carry out when guests arrived. But Jesus wrapped a towel around his waist as the lowliest of slave would do, and washed and dried his disciple’s feet. If even he, being God In the flesh, is willing to serve in this way, we, his followers, must also be servants, willing to serve in any way that glorifies God. When we look for opportunities to serve, God will provide.



As followers of Jesus, we should always look for those opportunities to serve others. Serving can take on many forms. You might serve your community, city government, or serve your country with military service, you might even serve your state or country in the political Arena.  But for most of us, serving can come on a much smaller scale, even as small as helping a neighbor trim tree limbs or helping a widow by mowing her yard.  Are you willing to follow Christ's example of serving?  Whom can you serve today?


Closing Prayer:

Father, thank you for the opportunities to serve that you place in my life every day. Help me to be obedient and carry out each one in a way that brings glory to you. Amen.

Terry Schneider