Plot Twist: Week 7 - Day 2

Opening Prayer:

Father, I pray that you would open my eyes to your power today. Help me be humbled by this. I pray this scripture takes root in my life. Amen.

Read: Luke 13:19 (NIV)

“It is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his garden. It grew and became a tree, and the birds of the air perched in its branches.”


I’ve always attended church. I’ve always felt committed to the church and thought I understood God’s purpose for his people. Then my husband and I were involved in helping start a multi-site campus. This experience changed my life and my understanding of church. Church became bigger than just being what I needed each week and became my ministry and passion. Watching God take something small and grow it in to a group of people that were causing real change in a community was truly awesome. Never had I witnessed firsthand God’s power in such a tangible way.

To consider the power it took God to move and align everyone’s hearts for the same mission and to keep them motivated is more than I can comprehend. This is why Jesus started his ministry here on earth. Christianity started with Jesus, then to 12 close followers, then to 3,000 at Pentecost, and now to around 2.4 billion followers worldwide. This is just like the mustard seed. The Expositor’s Bible Commentary states that, “The point of the parable is not the growth of the tree or a comparison between the seed and the tree, but the power inherent in the seed.”

God not only has the power to move his kingdom forward, but he also has the power to help you navigate life. God’s power can grow you to be an instrument of kingdom change. This begins by seeking his wisdom and call for your life.


Look for examples of God’s power in the ministries going on around you. Consider something you could do to help move God’s kingdom forward and write down one action step for yourself. Pray that God will instill his power in you, so you can accomplish this goal.

Closing Prayer:

God, I pray that you may count me worthy of your calling, and that by your power you may fulfill every good purpose and every act of faith. Amen.

Terry Schneider