Plot Twist: Week 7 - Day 3

Opening Prayer:

God, open my eyes to your will today. I pray that I will be open to your calling and that I will not close my heart to what you could have me do for your kingdom. Amen.

Read: Luke 13:20-21 (NIV)

Again, he asked, “What shall I compare the kingdom of God to? It is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into a large amount of flour until it worked all the way through the dough.”


I’m embarrassed to admit that I am not much of a baker and have never made bread myself. I even had to look up what yeast is used for in making bread. According to my research, yeast has three functions in baking. It is used to help the dough expand, it causes the dough to mature, and helps to impart the characteristic flavor of bread.

At the end of this parable, Jesus is comparing the yeast to the kingdom of God and the dough to the surrounding community. Jesus is telling his followers to permeate the community around them and to shine God’s light to those living there.

God is calling us to this same mission. He wants us to be involved with those around us in a way that we would help them see the love of Jesus and to grow and mature in that love, just as the yeast helps the dough. God wants his church not only to meet, learn, and grow in faith, but also to go out and teach and show others this love that we have found in Jesus. Life Church lead pastor Craig Groeschel says, “The Church does not exist for us. We are the Church and we exist for the world.”


Are you the yeast or the dough? Consider if you are actively involved in showing God’s love to the people and groups around you, or if you are just absorbing and not passing on to others all you have received.  Ask God to help you wrestle with this hard question this week. Find someone who knows you well and have them help you evaluate how you are living out your faith.

Closing Prayer:

God, I pray that you may count me worthy of your calling, and that by your power you may fulfill every good purpose and every act of faith. Amen.

Terry Schneider