Back to School: Get Enrolled - Day 1

Opening Prayer:

Dearest Lord, Help us to learn by your word and be in tune with your spirit, so we might be able to step out of our comfort zone and into your perfect will.   Amen…            

Read: Acts 8:35 (NIV)

“Then Philip began with that very passage of Scripture and told him the good news about Jesus.” 


Philip was one of the seven deacons from Acts 6:5 who were in charge of food distribution for the widows in the early church.  Due to the vast persecution in Jerusalem he had moved to Samaria and was successfully preaching the gospel with great results.  In the midst of his very productive ministry the spirit of God directed him to leave Samaria. This is where we find Philip as he encounters the Ethiopian eunuch.    How often do we choose to conveniently stick with what seems safe and familiar rather than walking out of our comfort zone or successful life to follow the Spirit’s leading?

Philip redeemed this opportunity by using the Ethiopian’s Old Testament questions to point him to message of Jesus Christ. Act 8:35 says “Philip began with that very passage of Scripture and told him the good news about Jesus.”  As we seek opportunities to reach others for Christ, be alert to what is hindering those in need.  This can be a great tool to bring the focus to Jesus. Don't be afraid to use the name of Jesus.  We tend to opt for lord or savior, when “the name of Jesus is the name above every other name.” Philippians 2:9  



How many opportunities have we missed because of our lack of obedience? Because Philip obeyed the Holy Spirit by leaving his successful ministry, Ethiopia was opened up to the gospel.

 When God puts opportunities in our path are we Spirit focused enough to see the need? So many times we are totally blind to the hardships around us. Pray for opportunities to share Jesus to others and be alert in watching-out for those opportunities.

John 12:32 says “if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me.”  Lift up the name of Jesus, stand on his promises and leave the results to the spirit of God!


Closing Prayer:

Dearest Lord, open our eyes that we might see the needs around us.  Open our hearts that we will be compelled to reach the lost. Open our mouth that we will speak the truth of Jesus to others.   Amen…

Terry Schneider