Back to School: Sex Ed - Day 2

Opening Prayer: 

God open our eyes that we no longer see the darkness, we only see you.

Read: Psalms 119:9 (NIV)                                                                                              

9 “How can a young person stay on the path of purity?
    By living according to your word.”



All God wants is for us to follow his commandments and to seek him. The best way to walk with the Lord is to “hide his words” in our heart.  David’s words ring true today as we go through the motions of day-to-day living.  Without knowing what is “right.” we will lean toward what our flesh really wants and not what he desires for us.  The world is just as sinful now as it was in David’s day, nothing has changed.  You must start each day with prayer and meditation. God wants nothing more than to hear from us, our hopes and desires, to lean on him for everything and to thank him for what he has already accomplished in our lives.  We do not always see the illuminated path he has already paved for us.  God wants the best for our lives.  We know we will mess up, ask forgiveness from him and start all over again. No human being is perfect! 



Listen to what God is telling you today as you pray.  Seek his truthfulness in everything you do.  As you get ready for the day, whether you are going to work, school, or loving on those precious children, start your day out with him.  Let him hear you as your cry out for what you need and how you need him to help you.  Read just a few verses every day.  Commit to follow his commandments and you will see that your heart will be blessed.


Closing Prayer: 

Father, God, hear our prayer.  Hear our cries for your discernment in all we do.  Let me feel your presence today as I cry out to you for help.  You are a loving God.  I pray I can see you in everything I do today.

Terry Schneider