FOR... Schools - Day 3

Opening Prayer:

Heavenly Father, give me wisdom to share your love to others. Help me to find new and fresh ways to be an example for you. Amen.

Read:  Matthew 19:14

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”


I wish kids came with instruction manuals. I need a guide to tell me how to keep my kids healthy and safe, what I should teach them and how best to model healthy actions and emotions.  Every day I feel pressure to raise my children to be loving, confident and intelligent human beings. I pray that they will grow to be kind, compassionate and independent. Most of all, I feel the weight of their salvation. I want to make sure that my children know that Jesus loves them, that he died for them and that he wants them to spend their lives serving the kingdom of God.

I once heard the saying that, for kids, more is caught than taught. I find this to be alarmingly true. I will often notice my children repeating phrases that I say commonly or adopting the attitude that I have been using. So, I know that it is not going to be enough to just explain to them that Jesus loves them and that he has redeemed them. It won’t be enough to just tell them that they need to show God’s love to others. I will have to show them what this looks like through my actions and words. I then find myself asking if I live my life in such a way that my children understand what it looks like to know and follow Jesus?

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or have other children in your sphere of influence, you have a responsibility to model and teach these children what it is to be a Christ follower. Are these children seeing you read your Bible? Are they seeing you make church a priority every Sunday? Are they seeing you serving others? We should not only tell children that Jesus loves them but we must also demonstrate what the love of Jesus looks like when we live it out.


List the children in your sphere of influence. How can you encourage them in their faith this week? In what ways can you display Christ-like behavior and love to them?

Closing Prayer:

God, thank you for the children that you have given into my care. I pray that you would help me show your love to them each day. I pray I can be a positive example to them.  Amen.

Terry Schneider